104 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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20 Increase in federated searches due to increased use of the Summon discovery service.
22 Due to increase in demand for articles not supported through local subscriptions.
25 FY 2012–2013 figure revised to 1,775.
All figures are as of 08/31/2014.
Library branches NOT included: Northwestern Qatar is not included in collections count this
year since the purchasing model for collections is for Northwestern Qatar only. Northwestern
Qatar expenditures and other figures were not included in previous years.
1, 2 This total does not include NU-Qatar this year. The purchasing model for NU-Qatar collections
is only for NU-Qatar and very few titles besides some e-books are currently available to
Northwestern University.
4 The loading of MARC record sets for packages of content remained more consistent while also
increasing in volume.
7.c There were fewer items provided through document delivery, perhaps because of popularity of
consortial borrowing expansion among wider group of supplier libraries.
10 Fringe benefit amount is actual amount charged for reported salary expense.
13.a Vacant positions were filled, but no new staff lines were added.
14, 15 Africana Library did not keep count this past year so figures are from previous year. Outreach
activities by other units were expanded and increased, and were very successful in increasing
participation in addition to having more presentations.
16 Repositioning of the main reference desk to make room for repurposing of space increased
visibility and traffic counts. Outreach activities from other units were very successful in
increasing use of services.
17 Circulation statistics trend downwards as more resources become available online.
18, 19, 20 Lower use of online resources from previous peak years could have multiple yet hard to
confirm reasons, such as multiple paths to resources that may not always be accurately counted,
better discovery instead of blind searching, and better focus on use of applicable resources.
20 Discovery layers trump federated search software in today’s search environment.
22 A new consortial borrowing service expanded the supplier library list with reliable and fast
delivery service.
23, 24 Not reported for 2012–2013.
25 The count this year was counted by major school from the latest data available.
Library branches included: The Theodore M. Hesburgh Library (Main Library) (library.nd.edu)
also includes the Center for Digital Scholarship, Medieval Institute Library (library.nd.edu/
medieval), and Rare-books and Special Collections (rare-books.library.nd.edu). BRANCH
LIBRARIES of the Hesburgh Libraries include eight other libraries on campus: Architecture
Library (library.nd.edu/architecture), Mahaffey Business Library (library.nd.edu/business),
Chemistry-Physics Library (library.nd.edu/chemistry, library.nd.edu/physics), Engineering
Library (library.nd.edu/engineering), Kellogg Kroc Library (library.nd.edu/Kellogg Kroc),
O’Meara Mathematics Library (library.nd.edu/mathematics), Radiation Chemistry Reading
Room (library.nd.edu/radiology lab) and Visual Resources Center (library.nd.edu/visual
resource center).Also included in the statistics for the University of Notre Dame Libraries are the
Notre Dame Law School’s Kresge Law Library (law.nd.edu/library) and University Archives.
[Main Library].
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