120 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
Question Number Footnote
22 It was discovered that some ILL transactions were double-counted in previous years. The
correct figure for 2012–2013 is 38,976.
7 Reflects law library acquisition budget cuts.
10 Fringe benefits include annuity, FICA, health allowance, and dependent tuition allowance.
22 High percent change since last year reflects 2013 law library reporting error due to inaccurate
count of patron-initiated requests to libraries in the statewide MOBIUS Library Consortium and
completion last year of law faculty project which made heavy use of ILL.
24–29 Includes numbers for all branches.
24 Incorrect input for last year should be 47 instead of 55. That revised number would yield a
variance of -10.6%.
All figures are as of 04/30/2014.
Library branches included: Dana Porter, Davis Centre, Witer Resource Centre, Musagetes
Architecture, Pharmacy, and the Annex off-site storage.
1 Previous year did not report different formats as separate titles.
6–9, 10, 12 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars. Collections Expenditures: (7a) $962,467 (7b)
$8,219,097 (7c) $308,536 (7) $9,490,100 Salary Expenditures: (8a) $2,884,461 (8b) $4,164,576 (8c)
$886,596 (8) $7,935,633 (10) $1,760,845 Overall Expenditures: (7) $9,490,100 (8) $7,935,633 (9)
$1,688,810 (6) $19,114,543 (12) NA/UA. NOTE: Total Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe
Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
11 18–24% depending on whether they have single or family benefits. The median for professional
librarians, 21%, is reported here.
13.a Professional staff FTE includes one staff seconded from elsewhere on campus, and three
librarians working on temporary contracts.
19 As last year, the Primo Central search statistics used for calendar 2013 reflect only part of actual
use (only searches starting from the ‘Articles+’ tab on the library’s search page) combined
Primo/Primo Central searches beginning from the ‘Search’ tab are not included. For this reason,
actual total database searches would be considerably higher than the figure shown.
All figures are as of 9/30/2014.
Library branches included: The Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, the Shiffman
Medical Library, and the Neef Law Library. The medical and law library statistics cannot be
disaggregated from the main statistics because the medical and law collections are an integral
part of the main library.
1, 2 The Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs (WSU’s Special Collections Branch) reported
neither volumes nor titles in 2013–2014.
6 These expenditures include $826,794 from the Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs
(WSU’s Special Collections Branch).
7 There were no library material expenditures by the Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban
Affairs (WSU’s Special Collections Branch) in 2013–2014.
7.c Collection Support is the sum of our expenditures on Bibliographic Utilities, Networks, and
Consortia ($98,547), contract binding ($14,080), and document delivery/ILL ($105,615).
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