92 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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All figures are as of 08/31/2014.
Library branches included: Architecture & Art Library, Music Library, Optometry Library.
4 The Libraries continue to increase their holdings in this area.
7.a A larger percentage of the Libraries’ collection budget is being used for ongoing resource
7.c In FY 2013 the Libraries had significant purchases related to digitization efforts. Fewer funds
were used in that area this year resulting in the overall decrease.
Collection Support Expenditures 2014:
ILL: $25,286
Security 3M: $17,018
TRAIL: $15,395
HathiTrust: $16,093
SIERRA–Innovative: $153,108
SUMMONS: $10,900
TMC: $342,408
CRL Membership: $54,935
YBP Marc Records: $6,980
Binding: $31,042
TexExpress: $4,076
Special Collections in-house bindery materials: $26,060
Exlibris for PRIMO: $71,499.36
Serials Solutions 360: $58,500
SFX Link Resolver: $24,664
Library Anywhere [Mobile catalog from ProQuest]: $2,080
ArcGIS: $2,000
EZ Proxy: $1,124
OCLC costs (total costs for resource sharing and cataloging): $215,681.49
ILL Scanners (one-time expense): $ 19,653
CONTENTdm–access to digital collections: $9,395
Docutek (e-reserves software): $10,911
OVID User License (access fee): $500
MYILIBRARY E-BOOKS (access fee): $500
EBSCO Service Charges to access packages: $26,789
MARCIVE (catalog records): $13,761
TDL: $0
Scanners for digitization: $0
TOTAL: $1,160,359
9 There is a reduction in the total expenditures resulting in a similar decrease in other operating
10 The increase is directly related to the increased expenditures for salaries.
13.c Last year we reported 57 FTE student assistants, but that number appears to be in error.
The salary expenditures are comparable. Based on 2,080 work hours per year and using our
standard salary for a student, the figure of 39 is more accurate.
14 This year, the Libraries instituted a technology training program for students. This resulted in
the large increase in the number of classes.
18 The Libraries now use COUNTER 4 to gather these data and we believe this is responsible for
the changes from last year.
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