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1 Started with number of bib records in database as of 7/1/14 (8,023,231), subtracted HathiTrust
and CRL records (1,488,336) and then subtracted volumes withdrawn during the 2012–2013
fiscal year (3,750). Total = 6,531,145. This number is significantly less than last year’s reported
number because we are not including HathiTrust and CRL e-book numbers, as we did last year.
2 Includes the following: Total print vol. count for 2012–2013 = 4,966,566. To this we added print
cataloging for 2013–2014 (26,375) and all e-books except HathiTrust and CRL (1,555,710). Total
volumes held for June 30 = 6,548,621.
4 E-book count as of June 30, 2014, (less HathiTrust and CRL e-books) is 1,555,710. Total of
packages as follows: Serials Solutions 317,953; Serial Set 320,012; ERIC 226,201; English Short
Title Catalog 137,964; Early English Books Online 119,619; Lexis Nexis Congressional Hearings
106,004; Sabin 42,144; Office of Scientific & Tech. Info. 41,680; Nineteen Century Collections
Online 29,742; Literature Online 14,727; Alexander Street Press 10,132; Electronic theses 7,737; All
other e-book packages 183,159.
7.c Includes: Binding ($141,397.36); ILL ($52,211.96); Postage ($ 5,162.37); Preservation ($17,935.73); FEE
($33,005.34); Memberships ($201,383.90); Services ($171,291.00).
10, 11 Fringes are paid by the university, not the library. This cost cannot be estimated because the
fringe benefits percentage rate varies depending on salary.
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Law Library, as
this is the maximum value entered for this question.
18 This number is somewhat lower than last year as some reports have moved to COUNTER 4 and
data prior to 2014 could not be obtained.
19 This number is substantially higher than last year because of a large increase in searches for one
of our major vendor platforms. Accuracy of the data was confirmed for both time periods with
the vendor, but there was no apparent explanation for the large increase.
23 Simply more degrees earned and awarded than the previous year.
Library branches included: List at
2, 4 We migrated from the Aleph ILS to Alma, which necessitated record cleanup that clarified our
4 More e-book packages were purchased last FY.
8.a, 13.a Special projects funding.
15 Expanded instructional offerings.
16 Consolidation of service desks in all of our main libraries.
20 Migration from Metalib to Primo Central as our discovery service.
24 Methods for obtaining the number of fields available for Doctorate-level awards were improved
to capture some that may have been missing in prior years.
Library branches included: Main Library, Math Library, Engineering Library, Geology Library,
Journalism Library, Veterinary Medical Library, Health Sciences Library, University Archives,
and Libraries Depository.
2 Increase in library holdings.
9 Includes library system expended funds now part of budget allocation. Additional expenses due
to mold damage at one of the remote storage facilities.
14 Decrease in number of presentations from previous year, increase in participants.
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