90 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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Library branches included: Main Library, Science Library, Special Collections Library.
Library branches included: Architecture Library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2014.
Library branches included: McLaughlin Library.
6–9, 10, 12 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars. Collections Expenditures: (7a) $1,598,590; (7b)
$5,209,040; (7c) $858,631; (7) $7,666,261; Salary Expenditures: (8a) $4,816,680; (8b) $2,820,181; (8c)
$186,119; (8) $7,822,980; (10) $2,208,708; Overall Expenditures: (7) $7,666,261; (8) $7,822,980; (9)
$1,046,455; (6) $16,535,696; (12) NA/UA. NOTE: Total Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe
Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
7.b Increased spending on electronic serials.
10 Movement of several position from “temporary” to “regular” staffed positions resulted in an
increase in benefit expenditures. RFT positions have better benefits than TFT positions.
16 2013–2014 was the first full academic cycle under a new research help model.
18 The increase in number of article downloads, relative to last fiscal year, is likely due to a
redesign of the library’s website, with more searches being run on the Primo Central repository.
Requests from 8,118 journals. The publishers (number of journals) are: Cambridge (332); Elsevier
(2,129); Project Muse (603); Oxford (257); Sage (643); Wiley/Blackwell (1,867); and Springer/
Kluwer (2,287).
19 On the library’s website, the home page search box can be pointed to one or both of the library’s
catalogue and the Primo Central repository. The “journal articles” page search box points to the
Primo Central repository. We cannot separate single database searches from federated ones.
20 Data available from Ex Libris (Primo) does not permit separation of library catalogue searches
from Primo Central searches. Data is also not COUNTER compliant.
21, 22 Requests to and from other libraries have been declining year to year due to various programs
and initiatives to enhance consortial buying and focus on e-resources.
23 RPA verifies these data as accurate. The number of PhDs conferred tend to be highly variable
year to year.
24 Data not available.
29 2013–2014 RPA verifies this value as accurate.
Library branches included: Faculty of Arts and Sciences Libraries, Graduate School of Design
Library (Loeb), Graduate School of Education Library (Gutman), Harvard Divinity School
Library (Andover-Harvard Theological Library), Harvard Kennedy School Library, Radcliffe
Library (Schlesinger), School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Harvard University
Archives, and Villa I Tatti Library (Biblioteca Berenson).
Library branches NOT included: Harvard House Libraries, Property Information Center, and
Harvard Development Office Library.
Efforts continue across campus to evaluate services to better develop efficiencies as a result of
the reorganization of the libraries. This has directly impacted how some cost assessments are
measured, as well as the scale of services such as internal document and resource delivery.
4 This is a university wide number and accounts for the aggregate total of e-books available to the
campus. Due to cooperative purchasing of most of the e-book packages, it is impossible to break
out numbers associated with branch campuses.
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