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EMORY cont.
Library branches included: Main, Health Sciences, Law, Oxford, Theology, and Special
Questions 1 and 18–20 are reported at the system level in the main library form. Question 4 is
reported for Main, Oxford, and Theology combined. Health Sciences and Law are reported in
the aggregated institutional totals in this publication, and they are also reported separately in
the Law and Health Sciences publications. [Main Library]
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Law Library, as
this is the maximum value entered for this question. [Main Library]
13 Emory Libraries is now part of a combined library and IT organization. The positions reported
in library professional and support staff represent those positions that are dedicated to
support of library systems and operations without regard to reporting structure within the
organization. [Main Library]
21 Staffing issues affected acceptance of requests for fulfillment. [Main Library]
Library branches included: Marston Science Library; Social Science and Humanities Library
(Library West); Education Library; Architecture and Fine Arts Library.
4 Increased number of e-books purchased for the collection in 2013–2014.
7.a Decreased budget and purchase of print books because UF has moved collection focus to digital
and patron driven acquisitions.
7.c Decrease in spending due to decrease in binding materials.
11 Represents fringe benefits percentage for librarians only.
13.c Reduced budget for student assistants during 2013–2014.
14, 15 UF reports presentations and participant numbers through an online system. We believe that
this activity has been under reported for 2013–2014 and will continue instructing presenters to
record their activities.
17 Circulation activity for 2013–2014 shows continued trend of less use in print materials for UF
18 Last year UF used an automated/canned report from 360 Counter that provided access counts
of full-text requests for 39 aggregated platforms. This year, 2013–2014, UF performed a manual
report from 16 publisher platforms (most heavily used) in order to provide a more accurate
account of how UF patrons are accessing/using electronic resource collections.
19 Last year UF reported the number of regular searches performed in individual databases
based on COUNTER 3 Database Report 1 reports. UF thinks that the results provided using
this technique inflated or duplicated search counts, particularly for databases on aggregator
platforms. This year UF used COUNTER Platform Report 1 statistics that counted the number
of regular searches performed across databases on various publisher and aggregator platforms.
We think that the number provided for 2013–2014 better reflects the searching activities of
Library branches included: Main Library (Strozier); Dirac Science Library; College of
Engineering Library; Allen Music Library; Goldstein College of Information Library; Ringling
Museum of Art Library; Panama City, Panama Library; and Panama City, Florida Library.
The 2012–2013 survey mistakenly reported that the Florence and London branch libraries
were included in the ARL Statistics. They are not members of ARL and should not have been
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