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Library branches included: Archives of the University of Notre Dame [University Archives].
Library branches NOT included: International locations such as Notre Dame’s Rome Library
have not been included. [Main Library]
1 The “Titles held” figure of 1,503 represents the number of manuscript collections and university
records series held by the Archives. These collections and series vary in size from one sheet
of paper to several thousand boxes and consist, variously, of manuscripts, printed materials
(including in some cases thousands of books), ephemera, microfilm, AV items, photographs,
digital files, and artifacts. Altogether, our collections contain almost 41,000 linear feet of
materials. [University Archives]
2 The number of “Volumes held” as defined in the instructions is impossible to accurately
estimate without spending an unwarranted amount of time. [University Archives]
4 Approximately 140,800 additional e-books were added to the catalog during the fiscal year due
to increasing availability of resources in this format. [Main Library]
7.c Collection support expenditures consist primarily of memberships for the purpose of
obtaining/accessing publications and literature searching plus Interlibrary Loan and Binding.
An increase in collection support expenditures of approximately $75,000 is due to an additional
payments for ILL shared resources. [Main Library]
8.a, 8.b Professional staff expenditures have increased and support staff decreased due to the inclusion
of non-faculty professional staff in the expenditures for this line rather than the support staff
line. Both the FTE and expenditures related to certain professional staff were reported in the
support staff lines in the prior year. Had the expenditures for these 17 FTE’s been included
in the professional staff line in the 2012–2013 fiscal year, the difference would have been an
increase of only 2.2% for professional staff and a decrease of 8.6% for support staff. [Main
9 For the Main libraries, the increase in other library operating expenditures was a result of
increases in several categories. The most notable were expenditures for a newly created center
for digital scholarship that provides training and assistance to students and researchers using
technology. [Main Library]
9 Other operating expenditures includes supplies for housing collections (mainly boxes, folders,
and sleeves), shipping for donated collections, capital equipment, repair and maintenance,
postage, duplication, office supplies, and all other non-salary expenditures. [University
10 Fringe benefits include employer’s share of government taxes (FICA, SS, SSI, FUTA
(unemployment), worker’s comp, etc.), as well as health insurance and retirement benefits for
eligible employees. [Main Library and University Archives]
11 Fringe benefit rates vary by employee class, therefore the rate for full-time librarians (faculty)
26.7% has been reported. The rate for full-time exempt staff and professionals is 31% and
full-time non-exempt staff is 48.9%. Rates for part-time employees vary from 2% for student
employees to 16.9% for part-time staff and faculty (librarians). [Main Library]
11 We believe the official designated percentages are still 27.1% for professional staff, 41.7% for
support staff, 7.9% for on-call staff, and 1.3% for student workers. [University Archives]
12 Access to resources has not been paid from centrally-funded systems or from arrangements
where the library does not pay fully/and or directly. This amount was incorrectly reported in
the prior year(s). [Main Library]
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