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4 cont. 63420 Making of the modern world (Online). OCU
15 Momentum Press e-books. OCU
20460 NBER working paper series online. OCU
11927 NetLibrary E-Books
13337 Nineteenth Century collections online. OCU
11518 OECD iLibrary. Books. OCU
35 Oxford reference. OCU
5618 Oxford scholarship online. OCU
9355 ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
44361 Sabin Americana, 1500–1926
23117 Safari books online. OCU
118 Sage eReference. OCU
1085 ScienceDirect eBook Series. OCU
7 SOLR (Sharpe online reference). OCU
167 SPIE digital library. SPIE e-books. OCU
36967 Springer e-books. OCU
2914 University of Adelaide Library e-books. OCU
21 W.B. Yeats collection (Online). OCU
3046 Wiley InterScience e-books. OCU
1169 Women and social movements in the United States 1600–2000. OCU
8200 World Bank e-book. OCU
8.b Expenditures for support staff declined due to a shift of staffing from support staff to
professional staff.
9 The total expenditures for Other Operating Expenses decreased compared to last year as funds
were encumbered during the year, but not yet expended, for planned internal renovations and
11 Fringe benefits rates are dependent upon staff category according to the following: Faculty
41.1%; Staff 33.2%.
18 With greater use of our discovery service from our main site, the number of successful full-
text article requests decreased. This is likely due to more efficient searching with better search
Library branches included: Main; Music; Engineering, Mathematics, & Physics; Earth Science &
Map; and Business.
4 Changes to approval plan to acquire more e-books and additional e-book databases.
10 Calculated based on campus rates for salary categories.
12 Reduction of subsidy from consortium.
18 JR1 reports.
19 DR1 and PR1 reports. Increase due to changes in COUNTER reports.
20 DR1 and PR1 reports. Decrease due to 5.8 million fewer federated searches on EBSCO platform.
1, 2, 4 Difference due to a new internal department calculating data.
8.a, 8.b, 13.a, 13.b State of Colorado permits some staff classifications to be moved to professional depending upon
job duties. This is why this number increased.
All figures are as of 8/31/2014. [Teachers College]
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