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17 Consistent with a reduction in the use of physical resources over electronic resources, and a
commensurate decline in library gate.
18, 20 Exact number not available.
22 Interlibrary Loan participation has been declining as use of electronic library resources has
23 494 PhDs and 130 MDs. The lower number may reflect PhD demographics or economic factors.
25 Better budget and endowments have allowed for increased hiring after a period of reductions.
27, 29 The higher number may reflect student demographics or economic factors.
Library branches included: Arts Library.
1 Improved count of items, including non-print resources.
2 Improved count of items kept in remote storage.
10 Medical and retirement.
13 Significant turn-over [ca. 30%] during this fiscal year.
17 Construction during last year has been disruptive and gate counts along with circulation counts
have gone down.
18 Perhaps reflective of electronic-preferred collection development strategy.
19, 20 Cannot provide an accurate number at this time.
Library branches included: Harris Library at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.
7.c Includes Bindery, ILL and memberships for CRL, SPARC, ARL, and CNI.
18 Includes: ACM Digital Library, AAAS Science Online Package, AGU Digital Library, American
Economic Association Journals, American Chemical Society Journals, American Physical
Society Journals, Annual Reviews, ASCE, ASME, APA-PsycArticles, Cambridge University
Press Journals, EBSCOhost, Elsevier Science Direct, Gale Cengage, IEEE Xplore Digital Library,
Ingenta, Institute of Physics, JAMA, JSTOR, Lexis Nexis, Nature Online, Optical Society of
America, Oxford Journals, Project Muse, Project Euclid, ProQuest, Royal Society of Chemistry,
Taylor & Francis Journals, and Web of Knowledge.
Library branches included: All University of Chicago libraries included.
4 Numbers for 2011–2012 and 2012–2013 incorrectly included e-books from the HathiTrust. The
correct number for 2011–2012 was 1,251,085, and the correct number for 2012–2013 was 1,308,057.
7.c Includes contract binding, vendor-supplied cataloging, table of contents services, etc.
14, 15 We scaled back our tour program this year, so didn’t offer as many tours of our Joe and Rika
Mansueto Library.
19 The number reported last year was for federated searches (databases) rather than for regular
searches (databases). The correct number for last year was 32,915,130.
20 The number reported last year was for regular searches (databases) rather than for federated
searches (databases). The correct number for last year was 5,069,304.
21 Increase is due to joining the Borrow Direct consortial borrowing service with the Ivy Plus
26, 28 Enrollment figures based on the Wednesday of the 4th week of Autumn Quarter.
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