114 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
Question Number Footnote
6 Fewer one-time purchases were made in order to accommodate rising subscription costs.
7.b Subscription costs are constantly increasing.
9 Increased spending on computer hardware and software. Increased spending on furniture and
15 More students attended instructional sessions in addition to better reporting of instructional
17 2012–2013 initial circulations should have been reported as 53,598.
18–20 Databases have changed the way they count and report usage.
21 The University Libraries joined LVIS in 2012 and we increased our overall participation in
2 Withdrawn microfilm and HSL periodicals.
4 Suppressed records from e-book pilot removed from catalog.
18 Does not include 424k of e-book section requests.
Library branches included: Music, Math/Astronomy/Physics, Chemistry, Science &
Engineering, Marine and Atmospheric Science Information Center.
4 Last year, our report included e-books we had cataloged plus uncatalogued e-books retrieved
from our ERMS. This year, we changed to a different ERMS which has made it more difficult to
separate the Main Library data from the Health Sciences Library collections. Consequently, we
are only reporting for cataloged e-books. We also revised the calculation method, and are now
excluding titles from Serials Solutions.
7.c Binding $14,168; Utilities $218,152; ILL $55,803; remote storage $60,800.
8, 8.a Due to retirements and unable to refill the positions.
8.b, 13.a, 13.b IT staff not paid by library in 2013–2014.
9 Tech fee account budget moved out of library for 2013–2014.
12 The decrease from last year reflects decrease in state support.
14 Due to retirements, vacancies and unable to refill the positions.
15 Due to the shortage of professional staff.
16 Due to the shortage of professional staff and unable to replace the vacancies.
17 The decrease can be attributed to increase in electronic resources including e-books.
18, 19 Not available due to change in ERM vendor.
21 The decrease can be attributed to the increase in electronic resources.
22 The decrease can be attributed to the availability of electronic resources, including e-books.
23 Doctor’s degree-research/scholarship: 301; Doctor’s degree-professional practice: 275; Total=576
23–39 Data for Q23-Q29 are for the whole Stony Brook University, including Health Science Library.
25 Last year we used Common Data Set definition and the number was 997. After reviewing the
definition (US Education Department), our last year number should be 1,246 and this year
number for full time instructional faculty is 1,332. Also, Stony Brook University has an initiative
to hire more faculty. Therefore, there will be an increase in our faculty numbers.
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