6 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
ARL Statistics® Analytics
ARL now offers interactive access to over 100 years’ worth of ARL Statistics® data through the ARL Statistics®
Analytics interface (formerly called ARL Statistics® Interactive Analytics). Subscribers also have access to the ARL
Statistics Publications database and the mailings archive, which contains instructions, definitions, and supportive
documentation for the annual survey data collection. Libraries that are not ARL members, for-profit and not-for-
profit entities, and individual researchers may subscribe to password access to this Excel-based data set. The annual
subscription fee is $500 for non-profit organizations and $750 for all others. Customers may contact stats@arl.org
for subscription information or place an order through their subscription agent.
Subscribers may download Excel files containing the entire data set or any combination of survey years and
variables. They may also create graphs and ranked lists of the data through the interactive interface.
Note: PDFs of the ARL Statistics, ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, and ARL Academic Law Library
Statistics publications are not included in this service.
We would like to thank the University of Virginia for supporting the ARL Statistics Interactive edition from 1995 to
2010. Special thanks to Texas A&M University and the University of Texas for enabling ARL to support data curation
activities like the ARL Statistics® Analytics through their support and development of LibQUAL+® Analytics.
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