106 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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13.a, 13.b Professional staff FTE has increased by 15% primarily due to an increase in non-faculty
professional staff in high-level technical and digital resource positions. These staff and others
whose positions require post-baccalaureate degrees were reclassified from support staff to
professional staff, a total of 17 FTE. [Main Library]
14, 15 The number of instruction classes and participants has decreased due to less accurate and
inconsistent reporting of instruction activities. [Main Library]
16 Reference transactions have been clarified and tracked consistently. [Main Library]
16.a The “Number of reference transactions” figure is based half on counts and half on extrapolation.
[University Archives]
21 The interlibrary loan reporting structure was reorganized resulting in additional employees to
fill requests. [Main Library]
22 Lending requests filled dropped by 25% due in part to the decrease in requests for materials
received and a large drop in OCLC articles filled. The decreased fill rates were due in part to the
unavailability of material requested that was frequently charged out to our own users. [Main
23 The 2013–2014 count is based upon the Registrar’s curricula listing that more narrowly defines
the field for Doctor’s degrees. For example, History was defined as a field in the prior year
and according to the Registrar, there are actually four fields in the history department. [Main
25 Increase in faculty is due to expansion of degree programs. [Main Library]
27 Due to the small number of part-time students that enroll each year, the entire change in
this statistic results from a variation of 30 students resulting in an increase of 16%. Full-time
enrollment decreased in both the undergrad and graduate level. The overall increase in the FTE
student enrollment was two students and 0%. [Main Library]
Library branches included: OU-HCOM-LRC (Athens and Dublin campuses) and regional
campuses (Chillicothe, Zanesville, Eastern, Southern, Lancaster).
7.a Typical end-of-year high dollar backfile purchases delayed to FY15. FY14 purchased Oxford
University Press Journal Archives ($217K). FY14 one-time cost for JSTOR scholarly journal
archive ($75K).
7.b Clinical key renewal expense ($59K) deferred to FY15 by university controller.
7.c Journal binding costs declined $9K. Regional campus technical service costs declined $10K.
Athens campus technical service costs declined.
8.b Decline partially due to FY 2013 figure inflated due to change in central accounting procedures
for accrued hourly payroll resulting in a 27th 2-week pay.
10 Health insurance $836,551 ($12,029/employee excluding P-T students) Retirement $575,652 (14%,
student employees are exempted when actively enrolled in coursework) Worker’s compensation
$33,199 (0.739% for all employees) Medicare $52,355 (1.45% for employees hired after March 31,
1986. IN FY 2013–2014, one professional and five support staff were exempt) Employee uniforms
$158 and Accrued benefits (includes all categories except health insurance) $938.
11 Percentage for full-time staff only: Retirement (14%)—student employees are exempted when
actively enrolled in coursework Worker’s compensation (0.739%) Medicare (1.45%)—Employees
hired before March 31, 1986, are exempt. In FY 2013–2014, one professional and five support
staff were exempt and Health insurance (calculated at 20.46%) billed at a flat rate of $12,029/
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