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21 Seven loans were in process when the fiscal year ended. Those 7 are not included in the count.
22 Several factors contributed to the decrease in requests: change in the FSU Libraries’ profile of
resources available to the university community; liaisons outreach to graduates and faculty; and
UBorrow continues to be more robust.
24 There are 75 doctoral degree programs, but over 160 majors within those programs. This
number includes the professional programs offered. The previous year mistakenly counted
the number of individual programs, the only year this had ever been done. This number is not
including the ones for law and medical as to not double count the number of fields in which
Doctor’s degrees can be awarded.
25 The 2012–2013 year used incorrect data taken from the faculty headcount as opposed to the
number from IPEDS, which is much more accurate. That is why there is such a drop in the
number of instructional faculty. The 2012–2013 number for instructional faculty should have
been 1,268, not 2,094.
26, 27 This number includes unclassified students.
Library branches included: The George Washington University Libraries, The Eckles Library at
Mount Vernon Campus, The Virginia Science and Technology Library, and the Luther W. Brady
Art Gallery.
1, 2, 4 Included consortially purchased EBSCO e-books and Springer titles, which were not included
last year.
6 We underspent our materials budget in FY 2013 due to orders placed prior to the end of year, but
the invoices did not arrive until the start of the new fiscal year. Additionally, GW Libraries was
given a collections increase as a one-time increase for FY 2014.
13, 13.a The new vice provost for libraries has been reshaping the GW Libraries staffing profile, which
has led to vacant positions during FY 2014 that will now be filled in FY15 and FY16. Temporary
staff have been hired in FY 2014 to cover gaps in professional staff positions.
16 Based on a stricter definition of “reference transaction” than used in previous years.
17 There has been a downward trend in circulation activity for the last few years primarily due to
the steady increase in electronic resources and formats that are available.
22 Starting with FY 2014, we are not counting items received from the WRLC facility as part of this
total, since many of these are GW-owned items.
23, 24 Including doctorates from our medical and law schools that were previously not counted.
Library branches included: Law, Medical, Bio-ethics Resource Center Library, Woodstock
Theological Library, Blommer Science Library, SFS Qatar campus library.
2 FY 2014 large e-book purchase.
10 See
11 Editor’s Note: Published figure reflects the official designated percent for the Health Sciences
Library, as this is the maximum value entered for this question.
12 Correcting erroneous reporting in FY 2012–2013.
24 FY14 Corrects prior omissions.
27 Correcting undercount in FY 2013 figure.
All figures are as of 05/30/2014.
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