76 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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7.c Includes DocDel/ILL $35,640; Contract binding $119,753; Conservation/Preservation $27,480;
Memberships $124,006; Staff use software $35,893; MARC records $975; Digitization $40,390
Digitization of IsraPulp special collection. Purchased MARC records for any new and some
existing electronic databases from an outside vendor.
9 Transfers of $500,000 to new local account; & $586,552 to materials budget. Installed new
flooring and had some chutes built for the weeding project. Also purchased video equipment
and new workstations.
10 Fringe benefits include: medical, retirement, and insurance.
13.c When reporting financials, ASU no longer reports student FTE.
14 Fewer requests for presentations.
16 Possible under-reporting of our virtual reference statistics in previous years.
17 Perhaps because of increased use of e-books.
18 A higher percentage of journals were accessed.
20 Shows an increase in simultaneous search of multiple searchable resources.
All figures are as of 09/30/2014.
Library branches included: Library of Architecture, Design and Construction; and Charles Cary
Veterinary Medical Library.
7.a The decrease is due to last year’s one-time purchase of a Civil War collection for $100,000.
7.c Decrease in bindery.
10 Includes on-the-job injury, FICA, unemployment, mandatory retirement, voluntary retirement
matching, retiree insurance (PEEHIP), life insurance, long-term disability, health insurance,
employee tuition reimbursement, termination payments, and professional leave payments.
14 One course eliminated its library instruction sessions.
16 The higher number of reference transactions may be due to an improved online interface for
recording questions and greater diligence during the sampling week.
19 Additional databases are now COUNTER compliant.
28 The definitions of FT and PT graduate student were changed.
Library branches included: Theology (included in Main), Gotlieb Archival Research Center
(Special Collections) (included in Main), Law and Health Sciences.
2 Mugar had a 4.6% increase in volume count in FY 2014 as compared with the previous FY. This
increase is mostly due to our improving the accuracy of our e-book holdings.
7.c Categories included in Q7c are: OCLC First Search ($25,192), Contract Binding ($66,366), In-house
Binding ($4,363), ILL Delivery ($18,975), and Memberships ($75,123).
17 Number of initial circulations excluding reserves of print books decreased by 41% in FY 2014 as
compared with the previous FY. Our patrons are tending to use e-books more frequently than
print books. We have an e-preferred acquisitions policy in place so more and more of our book
acquisitions are electronic.
18, 20 Counts reported for this question on the main library survey are for all Boston University
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