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Library branches included: The “Main Library” form provides information for the Architecture,
Business, Divinity and Social Work Libraries and the special collection, Moorland Spingarn
Research Center, which is also reported separately.
The electronic resources usage count includes data from the Health Sciences Library and the
Law Library. The entire Howard community has access to the databases and online catalog
maintained on a server at WRLC.
1 The title count increased significantly because we imported 154,276 unique bibliographic
records as a result of the OCLC Reclamation Project that was completed in Fiscal Year 2014.
4 Library participated in a collaborative purchase program through the Washington Research
Library Consortium that brought in a significant number of e-books.
7 The library director’s budget supported an energetic acquisitions program.
8.b A reduction in force was mandated in January 2014.
9 There was increased public programming and promotion thereof.
10 The benefits include medical, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, disability benefits, and
a retirement savings plan. Employees also have the option to enroll for commuter benefits, an
Employee Assistance Program, long-term care benefits, a group legal program, and discount
purchasing programs.
15 More staff were involved in preparation and delivery of information literacy sessions.
15.a The staff in the Public Affairs and Communications Office spearheaded effective advertisement
and promotion of information literacy sessions.
16 Staff collected data more consistently this year. More departments reported activity.
19 Authentication issues were resolved, thereby enabling more users to access databases remotely.
A new library website facilitated navigation for users with varying computer skills.
21, 22 There were equipment and software problems during the year that hampered submission,
transmission, and processing of ILL requests.
29 Changes in policies.
Library branches included: Richard J. Daley Library (main) and the following Health Sciences
Libraries: Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago, Library of the Health Sciences-Peoria, Library
of the Health Sciences-Rockford, and Library of the Health Sciences-Urbana.
2 Daley Library has been focusing on weeding collections to create more space for users.
6 The library’s FY 2014 budget was increased by the provost. The university’s budget office
changed how it handles transfer of library/IT assessment funds; all funds are transferred to our
budget at the beginning of the year rather than as spent. The FY 2014 transfer included unspent
funds from previous years.
8 Several faculty vacancies were filled in FY 2014. The university and the union representing
faculty reached an agreement in FY 2014; retrospective salary payments for FY 2013 and FY 2014
are reflected in this expenditure.
9 Amount includes $2.5 million transferred to plant funds.
10 The library does not pay fringe benefits for staff paid from state accounts. Fringe benefit rate
includes retirement (11.91%); health/life/dental insurance (23.85%). workers’ comp. (0.01%);
Medicare (1.45%); and terminal vacation/sick leave (1.13%) .
18–20 Includes data for Richard J. Daley Library (main) and health sciences libraries.
28 FY 2013 number included all graduate students, not just full-time.
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