116 · ARL Statistics 2013–2014
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TEXAS cont.
7 Includes total expenditures for library materials of $20,922,649 by the University Libraries,
$1,531,673 by the Tarlton Law Library, and $3,324,864 by the Harry Ransom Humanities
Research Center.
8.c Includes federal work-study funds.
9 In May 2014, our provost approved and funded a Learning Commons project in the Perry
Castaneda Library. We have a $4M budget that will be used to relocate Technical Services staff
from 20,000 sq. ft. on the entry level down to the first floor, and then we will design and build a
Learning Commons that will include active learning classrooms, a large digital media lab, and
the campus writing center. Project completion 08/2015.
11 32% is the official designated percent for salaried staff. 8.4% is the official designated percent for
wage staff.
16.a There is a mixture of sampling and non-sampling that was used to generate this figure.
18, 19 We counted statistics for July 2013 to June 2014 because this was the most current full year
of statistics available to us through our statistics tool, 360 Counter, due to the tool’s biannual
upload schedule.
19 For providers that offered both DB1 and DB3/PR1 reports, we chose to include only the DB3/
PR1 report in the total in order to avoid duplicate counting. For providers that only offered one
type of database report, we used whichever report was available. The number of searches is
significantly lower than what we reported last year due to an error in including EBSCO statistics
for all UT System schools last year rather than for UT Austin only.
20 For this question, we counted the number of searches in our discovery tool, Summon, for
August 2013 to July 2014. Statistics in this tool are continually updated, so we did not have to
shift the months reported like we did in the previous two questions.
All figures are as of 08/31/2014.
Library branches included: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Dee J. Kelly Law Library,
Jack K. Williams Library (Galveston), Library Annex, Map and GIS Library, Medical Sciences
Library Bryan, Medical Sciences Library College Station, Medical Sciences Library Kingsville,
Medical Sciences Library Round Rock, Medical Sciences Library Temple, Policy Sciences and
Economics Library (PSEL), Sterling C. Evans Library, Technical Reference Center (Architecture
Library), Texas A&M University at Qatar Library, West Campus Library, and Joint Library
2, 8.b, 13.b First year that the University Libraries is including a full data set for the Dee J. Kelly Law
Library. The increase reflects this additional resources.
11 Support for fringe benefits for Texas A&M University Libraries employees has come from
various university and system funds over the course of the past few years. As a result, there
has been and will continue to be a difference between the official fringe benefit percentage
stipulated and the actual fringe benefit percentage paid out. With recent merger and
reorganization activity that has occurred and is occurring at the university and system levels
this more than likely will continue through at least one more fiscal year.
21, 22 Decrease reflects growing increase in accessing materials through online providers rather than
directly from a library.
23 As part of Texas A&M University’s merger with the Texas A&M Health Science Center and
acquisition of the law school, several degree programs came under review. That process
is continuing and expected to result in significant variances for a number of years. (This is
especially the case as the newly organized university prepares for SACSCOC re-certification in
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