73 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 commingling disciplinary portfolios to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of modern research. Teaching and Learning Services took on an Engagement Team, a new department called Research Support and Digital Initiatives was created and took on two Engagement Teams in addition to the Digital Scholarship Team, and a new Scholarly Resources department was created for oversight of core, distinctive, and UT System-level collections workflows. There are three Engagement Teams, each reporting to a team lead who is also a subject liaison: Arts, Humanities, and Global Studies Engagement Team, within the Research Support and Digital Initiatives department— eight liaisons focused on Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship (DH/DS), working with collections as data, digital projects and exhibitions of born-digital/digitized collections content STEM and Social Sciences Engagement Team, within the Research Support and Digital Initiatives department—seven liaisons focused on digital methodologies, working with data, digital projects Teaching and Learning Engagement Team, within the Teaching and Learning Services department—six liaisons focused on pedagogy, information literacy, digital fluency Additionally, four subject liaisons with particularly strong collection stewardship skills were placed within the Scholarly Resources department, and each is charged respectively with core collections coordination for: Arts and humanities Global studies STEM Social sciences The three departments mentioned—Teaching and Learning Services,
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