57 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 (finding publications, data sets, etc.) literature review support project management support and information management consultations and tools (for example, citation management, lab notebook organization, and collaboration platforms). RS librarians are expected to take a proactive approach to creating opportunities to develop and share their area of functional expertise. When asked how RS librarians might measure their impact, we shared that initial broad indicators of impact could include how librarians have developed further expertise, how many consultations or projects a librarian worked on with individuals or groups, and how a librarian has engaged with the UCR community through events, workshops, or other means. Defining what success looks like for our work will undoubtedly be an ongoing conversation within the department. Training To support shared understanding of the core competencies, training has been planned for the 2018 academic year. The first training opportunity will be in-house training sessions led by the director of Research Services. Additionally, three librarians will join the 2018 DLF eResearch Network3 in order to engage in the library research support community of practice. Collection Strategies Department AUL for Collections and Scholarly Communications Strategies: Tiffany Moxham Services The primary goal of the Collection Strategies department is to develop data-driven collection management strategies and communication methods that best support our teaching, learning, and research communities.
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