22 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 services and products: “As an educational center, the MIT Libraries will collect and license the best tools and content, making them readily available and usable by the MIT community, and will offer training in their use to students, staff, and faculty.”7 But in the same context, the report clearly calls for the libraries to “serve as an open, authoritative, long-term repository for MIT-created content and its associated metadata.”8 To make room for this emphasis, our selection processes for commercial content will need to be more automated and streamlined and the focus of selectors needs to move towards selecting and acquiring MIT’s own output. To achieve these transformative aims, we envision a paradigm shift in the liaison/selector role—moving away from transactional and commercially focused work towards efforts focused on MIT’s output and unique collections. This shift will take time—and we are just at the beginning of the journey. Goals for Collections Work—Summary of Shifting Direction Overall we expect a new focus of selection efforts on “inside-out” collections, with selectors engaged early in the research life cycle, and identifying which research outputs at MIT should be acquired, stored, described, and preserved. The specifics of how this shift is carried out will vary by discipline, but overall and in general we anticipate: New emphasis on: Discovering and helping to acquire inside-out collections Influencing collections processes that are more automated and centralized
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