24 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 balancing the aims of building and maintaining these outside-in collections with fostering access to MIT’s unique collections and research outputs, and open access to science and scholarship, all in support of MIT’s mission and MIT’s current needs. Success Scenarios, Uncertainties, and Road Maps for Instruction, Reference, and Outreach In addition to selection work aligning with library priorities in new ways, there are some likely milestones on the road map shifting liaison work in the areas of instruction, reference, and outreach. Instruction Changes A libraries-wide internal structure for this work—one that recognizes that staff across the libraries teach—and more libraries-wide focus on critical pedagogies, teaching in context, and instructional design A program that identifies outcomes and objectives around helping the MIT community to influence the information ecosystem, and that undertakes assessment to measure progress and impact A likely reframing of much of the instruction program around participation in campus learning communities, as opposed to experts offering a “service” of information skills instruction Actively developing a framework for balancing the range of teaching we do, including procedural (e.g., how to use a complex database), tactical (e.g., how to manage intellectual property), and ethical (e.g., how to engage in information ecosystem issues). An example that speaks to the above points follows: As on other campuses, researchers at MIT passionately engage in vital information-ecosystem issues, and one of the ways the instruction program at MIT will change is in joining with and amplifying these
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