50 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Teaching and Learning Department Director: Dani Brecher Cook Services There are currently over 20,000 undergraduate students enrolled at the University of California, Riverside, so one major consideration for the new Teaching and Learning department had to be providing services strategically and at scale. For example, we provide instruction for the introductory writing sequence. Each section of the intermediate course is required to have a library session. In winter 2017, 100 sections of the course were offered, with 54 of them requesting (and receiving) library sessions. This is 54% coverage of a class where we have committed to being able to serve 100% of the courses. While we can project being able to provide in-person instruction for an additional 10%, we are limited by staff and classroom capacity, so a revised model is necessary for any growth. With this in mind, we devised a service model focused on four key areas: Undergraduate Education: Focusing on scaffolding information literacy across the curriculum, including via course-integrated synchronous and asynchronous instruction. We are particularly interested in working with gateway courses, capstone research courses, and research-related co-curricular programs (such as prestigious undergraduate fellowships and community-engaged learning programs). Graduate Education: Preparing graduate students to both conduct their own research and teach as faculty, via partnerships with TA training, graduate success programs, and academic departments. Faculty Support: Providing consultations for instructors on syllabus and research assignment design, aid in adopting and developing open educational resources (OERs), and creating
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