46 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Date Activity Description Details Supplemental Information Week 1 Meeting I: Deputy UL/ Directors only In our first formal meeting, we drafted a project plan and transition timeline, which allowed us to map out meetings and deliverables, and consider what it would take to make the transition by the time the fall quarter began. N/A Week 2 Group Meeting I In this meeting, led by the deputy UL and directors, we provided an overview of the reorganization process, reviewed the timeline, and introduced worksheets to gather information on services and liaison activities. Librarians were encouraged to ask questions and share feedback. See Appendix for worksheet examples. Week 3 Planning Retreat: Deputy UL/ Directors only The directors presented initial visions for their departments to the deputy UL. Together, we discussed how the two proposed departmental structures would work together and planned activities for the first group retreat. N/A
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