44 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Development and Scholarly Communication division in subsequent meetings. The changes proposed when the AUL for collections and scholarly communication joined included: Collection Development Services would be reimagined as Collection Strategies to focus specifically on proactive strategies for planning, building, and stewarding collections to support teaching and research. Bibliographers in Collection Development Services would become collection strategists and would place a new emphasis on data-driven decisions and assessment, and a focus on disciplines rather than departments. Responsibility for scholarly communication support would move from Collection Development to the Research Services department. We had two primary mechanisms for gathering structured information to help inform our departmental visions. First, we created a service area template and asked librarians to describe the services they currently offered or worked with. Second, we created a survey that asked the librarians to describe their approach to outreach (anything that had not been covered by the service area documents or subsequent discussions). The outreach document was confidential and only shared between the directors, deputy UL, and the individual librarians. We also invited less structured feedback in other ways throughout the reorganization process, as referenced in the reorganization timeline below. Once the general structure and the specific positions were defined ...the project team convened to place the librarians in positions aligned as closely as possible with their current skills, interests in professional growth, and their desired positions.
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