68 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 today and have greater impact on our users? 3:30-3:45: Break 3:45-4:30: Activity 3: Departmental Values (Dani/Brianna) Individual reflection: No more than 10 minutes Group discussion Reflective Statement Questions Format: This survey invited librarians to give information about their strengths, interests, and preferences. Survey text and questions are included below for your reference. This survey will allow you to give information about your strengths, interests, and preferences. The deadline for filling out the survey is August 11, 2017 at noon. Please make sure you submit your survey by that date and time. The survey will automatically save your responses which allows you to work on this over time-- as long as you have not clicked the submit button. To revise or add text, just return to the link you were sent in email. Click submit when you have finalized your responses. Your responses will not be shared with departmental colleagues. Q1. Your name: Q2. Please describe the strengths, skills, abilities and expertise you have as a librarian or library staff member. Q3. As a librarian or library staff member, are there areas of responsibility you are interested in growing into, or increasing your expertise in? Please describe.
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