52 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 to the university in some way. While the user population does include traditional first-year students, this role is also tasked with supporting transfer students and graduate students in their first quarter at UCR. The final librarian position focuses on supporting co-curricular initiatives, including prestigious undergraduate fellowships, University Honors, and community-engaged learning. The six roles are: Arts & Humanities Teaching Librarian Social Sciences Teaching Librarian STEM Teaching Librarian Early Experience Teaching Librarian University Programs Teaching Librarian Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator In addition, we proposed an instructional design–focused position for a future recruitment. All teaching librarians will be expected to have a baseline understanding of library resources and searching, working knowledge of at least one citation management tool relevant to their user population, and more in-depth knowledge of disciplinary resources relevant to their user groups. Additionally, they are responsible for demonstrated growth in the core competency areas mentioned above. Training Because all of the librarians and the staff member in the Teaching and Learning department have extensive experience with “bibliographic instruction” (our still-in-use term prior to the reorganization), professional development for the first year was based around the idea of building a teaching community of practice, reflecting on previous and current teaching experiences, and approaching new skill acquisition through a lens of appreciative inquiry, building on already- held values and approaches.
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