39 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Moving from Subject Specialists to a Functional Model Ann Frenkel, Deputy University Librarian. University of California, Riverside Tiffany Moxham, Assistant University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly Communications Strategies, University of California, Riverside1 Dani Brecher Cook, Director of Teaching and Learning, University of California, Riverside Brianna Marshall, Director of Research Services, University of California, Riverside Introduction In summer of 2017 the University of California, Riverside (UCR) Library undertook a major structural reorganization of research, instructional, and collection development activities. Like many academic libraries at large research institutions, the library had been organized along a subject specialist model for decades. Each subject specialist held broad responsibilities for reference, instruction, and collection development for one or more academic departments. However, as a result of the implementation of the UCR Library Strategic Plan, the library made the decision to move from the subject specialist model to functional units for research services, teaching and learning, and collection strategies. In this case study we introduce the context and reasons for the reorganization, and describe the reorganization process in detail, including providing the timeline. We give an overview of the services, core competencies, staff roles, and training plans for each new department. Finally, we discuss future steps and lessons learned after eight months into the process. ...we would need to make some profound changes to the actual work we were currently doing...as well as in our organizational structure.
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