35 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Each RPT employs the combined model approach to provide departments/disciplines with expertise in librarianship (for example, collection management, research support), functional expertise (for example, data management, publication support, GIS services, intellectual property), and subject expertise derived from education at or above the master’s level of accomplishment. In forming the teams, the USF Libraries’ leadership is committed to providing sufficient salary levels to recruit and hire librarians possessing a minimum of a master’s degree in the target discipline. Additionally, each librarian leading an RPT will be complemented with one or more functional or subject experts to ensure that the level of support will meet faculty/ graduate student expectations. Each RPT will be able to draw upon a wealth of support across the organization, including seemingly disparate areas of activity as 3-D visualization services, digitization, fiscal support, intellectual property expertise, and more. The librarian lead for each RPT will also assume responsibility for collections (including the associated materials budget resources) that are unambiguously tied to the target discipline, while collections deemed general and multidisciplinary will continue to be acquired and managed by the Collections Department. The addition of responsibility for collections extends to the USF Libraries’ Special Collections holdings based on the target discipline’s needs. Finally, RPT members will be expected to teach credit-bearing courses within the department/disciplinary cluster, participate in grants, and engage actively in departmental research. In summary, they will be expected to become members of their departments even to the point of physically occupying space in that department or being jointly appointed. In short, the RPT lead effectively becomes the director/head for liaison services, collections, special collections, digitization, GIS services, etc., based on the needs and expectations articulated by the faculty and graduate students in the target disciplines. Authority, budget, and accountability will all be decentralized as the RPT coverage extends across the institutional academic ecosystem. Department directors
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