32 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 program at the USF Libraries? 3. What are the research and instructional needs of the faculty and students? 4. What is the level of research in the current institutional curriculum? 5. What quantitative data is available and which data is useful for the project? A project leader and a Steering Committee oversaw the initiative. The Steering Committee was comprised of the librarians leading each of five teams aligned with the areas of focus. These teams included: Models: Tasked with exploring the types of liaison programs currently in use at other universities and their histories, structures, strengths, challenges, and advice to others. SWOT Analysis of Liaison Program: Tasked with identifying the current liaison model’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Academic Needs: Tasked with surveying the chairs and faculty in the academic departments to determine their needs from librarian liaisons with respect to research, collections, and instructional support. Curriculum Team: Tasked with examining the syllabi of academic programs to identify the level of research present in courses and assignments. Data Gathering & Analysis: Tasked with taking stock of the university to determine degree program information (program size, number of degrees awarded, trends, etc.) and faculty information (research areas, productivity, number of faculty per program, etc.) Team members included librarians and other professionals from all departments within the library.
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