48 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Date Activity Description Details Supplemental Information Week 7 Group Retreat II The directors synthesized feedback and introduced departmental visions in 20–30 minute presentations, covering expertise needed and training programs that would be involved to get there. Librarians were encouraged to ask questions and share feedback. N/A Week 7 Directors present department visions to UL and AULs At this time, the decision was made to include the Collection Development department in the reorganization process, in light of findings from the retreat, librarian feedback, and departmental visions. N/A Week 12 Group Retreat III Final departmental vision and service plans were revealed. Most of the time was dedicated to dialogue between the directors and librarians. At this meeting, we asked librarians to complete a reflection statement (due at a later date) sharing their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests and suggesting the areas/roles they were most interested in. See Appendix for reflection questions.
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