43 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 socialization within the staff of what felt to be a quite radical move away from the traditional subject specialist reference librarian model. Reorganization Process While the inspiration for this transition came as a result of the discussions and planning process described in the first part of this paper, the reorganization process began in earnest when the director of Teaching and Learning (T&L) and director of Research Services (RS) were hired in July 2016 and May 2017, respectively. After completing an environmental scan of similar, large, academic libraries and current local practices, the directors of T&L and RS proposed the following major changes: Transition to a functional model, with teaching and instruction responsibilities handled by T&L, and research support (with the exception of course assignments) handled by RS. Agreement that support for undergraduate students would most often fall to T&L, while graduate and faculty level support would be most often provided by RS. We recognized that we would need to work closely together and remain flexible, as there is plenty of overlap and in some cases it is not obvious which department should take point. Removal of collection development responsibilities from T&L and RS librarian roles. Eventual transition from the librarian-staffed reference desk to a student-staffed information desk, which would be a shared service between T&L and RS. We were cognizant that these proposed changes would impact departments across the library, particularly Collection Development Services. After discussing the changes and their implications, the associate UL (AUL) for collections and scholarly communication joined the reorganization. We began including librarians in the Collection
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