49 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Date Activity Description Details Supplemental Information Week 17* Drafted SOPRs for the new librarian roles The directors drafted statements of professional responsibility (SOPRs) for the librarians. N/A Week 18 Individual meetings: supervisor and librarian The new roles were shared via email, followed by in-person meetings between the new supervisor and staff member to discuss the SOPR. N/A Week 20 Launch of new departments By this date, the new departments were in place, and new SOPRs were finalized. N/A * Note: The gap between weeks 12 and 17 represented labor relations discussions related to the reorganization. These discussions were required as UC librarians are academic appointees who are represented by an exclusive bargaining unit. The reorganization process needed to pause until these discussions were completed. For each new unit, the managers compiled information in four key areas: services, core competencies, roles, and training. We felt that these were some of the most important areas that librarians would want to understand and could provide feedback on. These are listed below, along with some additional context.
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