60 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Training Immediately following the reorganization the Collection Strategies department went through a leadership transition, and therefore training was delayed until the spring quarter. The initial round of training has focused on developing the e-resources and informational technology systems use by strategists who were not previously regularly and actively engaged in this area. The sessions are being led by the new STEM collection strategist, who was the previous electronic resources librarian, and are conducted in-house. The training sessions are broken down into one-hour sessions around various systems, technologies, or activity areas. The sessions are then followed up with active use of the system(s) and team collaborations to aid with learning the technologies. The next team sessions will be based around reflective exercises and discussions of pre-assigned chapter, papers, and/or articles around the area of electronic resource management. Starting in fall, the aim is to begin more personalized training activities based on individual professional development areas. The intention is for these personalized training areas to incorporate outside engagement and collaborative activities. Communication and Outreach Our primary method of sharing out our internal organizational changes to the campus was via email to academic department chairs and faculty who are formal liaisons to the library. The text of the email is included in the Appendix. To our surprise, we received very little feedback from faculty (with the exception of a few departments with collections concerns). We also made significant updates to the UCR Library website to reflect the new structure. However, we anticipate that the majority of our departmental outreach will occur in fall 2018 (see the “Future Steps” section below).
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