67 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 What challenges do users have with the service (gap analysis)? What are the complementary services, co-dependencies, and/or partnerships (internal and external)? How is the service assessed/evaluated? Who is responsible for the assessment? *** How can this service be improved? *** Is there anything else you’d like to share about this service? Joint Departmental Retreat Format: Early in our change process, we held a joint departmental retreat scheduled outside of the library building. Our goal was to learn more about the ideas librarians had for how the new departments could best meet user needs. The schedule that we followed is included below. 1-1:15: Overview of Retreat 1:15-2:15: Activity 1: Processing Exercise (Dani) 2:15-2:30: Break 2:30-3:30: Activity 2: Keep / Toss / Create (Brianna) Overview and count off in groups of 4 First groupings: 15 minutes Second groupings: 15 minutes Report back and discussion: 30 minutes Categories Keep—What should we keep doing since it works really well and serves a user need? Toss / Change—What should we toss or significantly change? What doesn’t work well or no longer has impact? Create / Adapt—What do we need to create to meet the needs of
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