66 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Teaching and Learning Services ENGL 1A-B-C CHEM 1LA BIO 5LA Discipline-specific course-related instruction Undergraduate grant program support instruction (MMUF, MSRIP) Affordable Course Materials Initiative support Tours Education Services teaching and programming Orientations Grad student coffees International student events Course and research guides Online learning objects Learning Resources Display Center Citation management Support for campus programs (e.g., Honors) Questions What is the current service? Is there documentation or a web presence for this service? Please list any relevant links. Who are the target users? What do we know about our current model (data, feedback, standing with national trends, etc.)? What is the impact? How do users interact with the service? What do we know about users’ assessment of these interactions and their experiences? Where is the service delivered (include physical, virtual, geographical)? What marketing and outreach is done to advertise the service? How is the service staffed? What are the access requirements for using the service (e.g., technology)?
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