53 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 To facilitate the development of a local community of practice, the team meets once per week for 30 minutes and completes a round-robin structured around two questions: What is one achievement that you would like to share from this week? What is one challenge that you faced? This provides a space for the team to continually learn from one another, with most of the discussions sparked by this round-robin related to teaching and reference interactions. In fall 2017, the department met twice monthly for a more structured professional development series, focused around the question, “What is learning?” Methods of engagement included discussion of pre-assigned articles, reflective exercises, and seminar-style discussion. These sessions had two outcomes: (1) to develop a sense of what professional development opportunities would be most helpful over the course of the next year, and (2) to strongly develop teacher-librarian professional identities. In winter 2018, we continued these sessions, and added two more formal and time-intensive opportunities: a two-hour discussion of best practices in teaching, facilitated by a curriculum coach, and a full-day workshop on instructional design basics. At the end of winter 2018, we met again as a team to determine appropriate next steps for development. Research Services Department Director: Brianna Marshall Services The Research Services (RS) department was designed to provide support across the research life cycle, advising on areas including: Planning and conducting research projects, including finding information, providing guidance on project planning, working with digital tools, and staying organized
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