56 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 department. The digital scholarship librarian takes the lead on digital project support, particularly for the digital humanities and social sciences. The open research librarian explores ways that the library can support open research and reproducibility, with an emphasis on supporting science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. The data librarian provides expertise on research data management and data science, while the geospatial information librarian provides expertise on geospatial mapping tools and approaches. The maker services librarian acts as operations manager for the Creat’R Lab, a new makerspace in the UCR Library. Last, the Research Services assistant helps with general administrative and project support for the department. This plan for librarian roles shifted slightly during the review process, when we opted to create a scholarly communication librarian position and proposed to hire the digital scholarship librarian at a later date. We felt that a scholarly communication librarian role focusing on support for scholarly publishing and impact would align more closely with librarians’ existing skill sets and would allow us to recruit for the digital scholarship librarian, whose work would rely on an entirely new knowledge base. Our final list of Research Services positions is as follows: Data Librarian Geospatial Information Librarian Open Research Librarian Maker Services Librarian Scholarly Communication Librarian Research Services Assistant Given the small size of our team, RS librarians are expected to share responsibility for providing some services, including: general research skills (library databases and resources) information discovery services
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