61 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 Future Steps Assessment: In fall 2017, each department developed goals and strategic directions. In summer 2018, we will begin to evaluate the effectiveness of the new model, including surveying librarians in new roles, mapping accomplishments to goals, and developing baseline metrics for future assessment. Departmental Outreach: The first year of the new model has been focused on developing strategic goals for each unit and skill-building. Beginning in fall 2018, we will turn our attention increasingly outward, visiting individual academic departments and discussing new service models. We envision each visit will involve a cross-functional team, with representation from Teaching and Learning, Research Services, and Collection Strategies. Reference Service Revision: Following on the premise of the functional model that targeted services require targeted time and attention, we are currently working on a proposal to revamp our reference desk service into a student-staffed information desk model. Over 80% of the questions answered at our service points have been identified as directional, simple reference, or technology-related (for example, printer problems), and we believe a triage-style model, with well-trained students as the first point-of-contact for library users, will both free up staff time and provide a valuable learning experience for student workers. Lessons Learned We have several suggestions for institutions looking to undertake a similar process. Develop a timeline. We created a timeline early on, and shared the timeline with librarians in the affected departments for full transparency. We attribute much of the success we had in staying on track to this initial timeline document. Although
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