25 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 294 2018 user-led efforts. A recent conference held at MIT—Data for Black Lives9—highlighted many ways in which big data can help or harm people of color. We are just beginning to understand these issues, and staff from very different parts of the library are joining existing groups and communities already conducting research in this field and sharing best practices. Our relationships and growing knowledge will serve to support and amplify this effort, perhaps through supporting future conferences and workshops led by others, joining research teams, changing the way data are represented or discovered in library systems, or other outputs. Efforts like this will be at the heart of the library’s teaching and learning program. Functioning effectively in a learning community requires a whole new skill set compared to the considerable skills liaisons have acquired for handling one-shot sessions and the many other kinds of teaching we are currently engaged in. As we are able to shift from helping users navigate an overly complicated and somewhat broken information ecosystem to helping users make informed decisions as creators, consumers, and influencers in the information ecosystem, we will be shifting much of our pedagogy from “sage on the stage” toward joining learning communities. Reference Changes A staffing structure that recognizes the many types of expertise needed to effectively offer a service that ranges from interlibrary loan questions to requests to modify the institutional repository to advising on strategies for compiling complex data sets Technologies that transcend physical geography, and allow liaisons to interact with users seamlessly and effectively from any location—we have many channels for “remote” connection, and we are striving for processes and platforms that can make our virtual connections the equal of our face-to-face interactions. Computational means to help questioners find answers or locate experts—users express information needs in classrooms, in lab
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