SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 99
Having fond listings show up in search
Attracting an international community
of researchers to our holdings.
Simplified updates to our inventories.
Improved access. Improved control of collection material.
Improved access. More users are
finding our collections.
Publicity for the institution and visibility
for Special Collections.
Opens up possibilities for collection
development, whether by gift or
Improved discovery of our collections. Encoding has been incorporated into
our regular workflow.
Increased access. Searchability.
Increased access. Provides a centralized location for
collection information
Allows a greater searchability across
Increased access to the collections. Researchers have access to more
specific information about the
collections, saving them time and
allowing them to know what is here.
If appropriate, we can link digital
images from a collection to the finding
aid. We have linked images from
collections of photographs to visual
materials finding aids.
Increased access to the collections. Major contributing factor in the
successful move of collections to and
the use of collections from our offsite
storage facility.
Increased efficiency for public services
staff who use this online information
probably more than anyone assisting
patrons, searching across collections
for selecting materials for classroom
instruction, etc.
Increased awareness of primary
research materials available.
Enhanced and expedited reference.
Researchers can do preliminary research
prior to arrival.
Increased visibility of repository and
its resources, including recognition of
donations (and donors) of collections.
Increased discoverability of collections
by constituents.
Simultaneous access by more than one
Greater ability to manage physical
Increased onsite patron visits and
offsite reference inquiries.
More facile reference service. Better/increased knowledge about our
collections gained by prepping finding
aids for Web delivery.
Increased public access to and visibility
of collection materials.
Greatly enhanced searchability of
collection materials.
Increased opportunities for discovery
through consortia, Google, etc.
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