66 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“However, when legacy records require work, they are updated to DACS.”
“Not yet. We might do some retrospectively.”
“There are no legacy finding aids.”
“We formerly used APPM. The differences were not major enough to warrant editing records.”
“We will apply it selectively to legacy records that are significantly updated.”
“When legacy records have to be rekeyed, DACS is applied using the information provided in the legacy record.
For those records that already existed in a digital form (usually a Word document), information was maintained as
13. Are any of your finding aids marked up in EAD? N=66
Yes 53 80%
No 13 20%
If yes, how many finding aids currently are marked up in EAD? N=48
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
5 4,100 530.58 254.50 931.70
Finding Aids in
10 3
10–49 7
50–99 7
100–199 6
200–299 3
300–399 5
400–499 5
500–599 3
600–999 4
1000 5
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