SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 49
“Two additional Support Staff have reference duties only and do not work on processing manuscripts or making
resources available online.”
“We do not have the information in the form requested. The Special Collections Library has 1 full-time archivist
and 1 full-time paraprofessional archival assistant involved in Archival Processing and Cataloging, in addition
to the various librarians and curators whose main responsibilities lie elsewhere. Additionally, our Digital Library
Production Service has staff involved in adding finding aids to the web: a librarian loading files and making
corrections, another with interface responsibilities, and programmers who occasionally make changes to the
middleware. These combined add perhaps a .1 FTE, for a total of 2.1 for University Library.”
“We occasionally have interns from the university’s MLS program who process collections.”
“When there are multiple individuals, we added up the total hours and determined collectively how many hours
were spent on arrangement and description and gave that as a percentage of the total. This unit has many part
time positions with multiple responsibilities.”
“Workflows for arranging and describing manuscript collections are combined with arranging and describing
University Archives collections. They Usually receive equal attention.”
Size of Manuscript Collection
5. Please provide an estimate of the size or extent of your library’s manuscripts collection. Describe
both processed and unprocessed collections and include the unit of measurement (e.g., linear
feet, cubic feet, items, volumes, etc.). N=63
Linear Feet
Respondent Processed Unprocessed
1 385 763
2 400 3,900
3 500 200
4 500 1,400
5 1,250 12,085
6 1,316 1,471
7 1,682 500
8 2,000 1,000
9 2,000 6,200
10 2,100 900
11 3,000 150
12 3,444 1,528
13 3,500 2,500
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