88 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Within Special Collections, Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive, USC Digital Archive, Cinematic
Arts Library.”
If staff who process manuscripts for the Web receive assistance from other departments/units,
please list those departments/units and describe the role they play. N=32
“Assistance from the Cataloging Department—the Electronic Resources Librarian reviews MARC cataloging and
vets our Online Archive of California finding aids. He also has set up templates for our use for manuscript and
photograph cataloging.”
“Catalog Department of the MU Libraries.”
“Cataloging assistants work part time in our Film and Media Archive and will be doing some arrangement and
description of manuscript portions of those collections for entering in our MAVIS system.”
“Consult with Libraries’ technical services unit, including Web manager and usability specialist.”
“Desktop Network Services Department Preservation Department software assistance, server management
consultation, manuscript conservation.”
“Digital Library Services assists with Web site development, training, trouble shooting. Systems (IT) provide
hardware, software and technical support.”
“Digital Research Library. Mount of Historic Pittsburgh Web site.”
“Generally, staff from the University Archives have more experience and knowledge of this work. Archivists tend
to help staff from other departments.”
“ISS—assist with programming issues related to using ARCHON Cataloging department using the records
created by the program.”
“ITadd—systems office SCETI (Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text &Image) may get involved in future.”
“Libraries IT unit manages the DLXS site with input from Archives &Special Collections staff.”
“Library Information Technology Services is assisting with evaluating archives software that will allow for
automatic Web posting.”
“Library Systems.”
“Limited assistance from the IT department in maintaining the EAD server.”
“Metadata and Cataloging Department staff create metadata for digital collections. IT staff support databases
used to manage information about collections and digital assets, as well as software used to publish finding aids
to Web.”
“Online finding aids are indexed by ITS assistance with Web pages from Network Development &MARC
Standards Office, and from the Office of Strategic Initiatives. Some tools used in encoding were developed by staff
then in the Music Division.”
“Programming assistance for newly created XML databases is provided by another department in the library
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