SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 93
Lack of sufficient archival processing
staff and cataloging staff.
Lack of sufficient technical support for
such things as system administration
and troubleshooting.
Insufficient space for physically
processing collections as a precursor
to the creation of on-line finding aids
(mostly EAD).
Legacy finding aids are incomplete
and sometimes inaccurate and need
substantial work to comply with Rules
for Archival Description (RAD). Some
are still handwritten.
Competing priorities. While Web access
is beneficial, most of primary users are
onsite faculty and graduate students
and so initial focus is on preparing
locally accessible finding aids.
Staff time and resource pressures. Focus
is still on identifying/correcting content
lists and staff have multiple and often
competing priorities.
Limited resources. Time intensiveness.
Maintenance and updating existing files
(and version control).
Money, lack of. Time, lack of. Expertise and equipment, shortage of.
Not enough archivist staff for the size
of our collection.
We have a large backlog of
unprocessed collections including
several very large collections (one
collection is 2,600 linear feet).
Lack of a Content Management System.
Not enough staff or hours in the day.
Not enough staff to do all the work
required. One staff member in SCUA
manages our Web site and adds
information about collections to it, but
this is not her primary responsibility
she is also our photo manager.
We don’t have a staff member
dedicated solely to this task.
Personnel to retrospectively convert
holographic finding aids into electronic
text and then formulated into our Web
site format.
Technical Support and a specific file
sever for the division.
No in-house digitization program.
Prioritizing this work among other
department needs.
Resources needed to convert legacy
finding aids to electronic format, and to
reconfigure their structure to adhere to
EAD, DACS and OAC requirements.
Resources (staff) needed for creating,
editing, maintaining EAD finding aids.
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