32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Position Title Other Duties
Associate Director 0% 5% Administration, management, reference, instruction,
cataloging, donor relations
Head, Special Collections 1% 0% Personnel management, supervision, and evaluation,
division planning, donor relations, project management,
meetings, reference desk, teaching
Head of Technical Services, Lilly Library 1% 2% 97%
Director 2% 0% Administration, collection development, public services
Director 2% 0% Collections development donor relations outreach
administrative tasks
Head, Special Collections and Archives 2% 5% Administer and oversee all functions of the department
Curator 3% 0% Reference and administrative
Department Head, Special Collections 5% 0% Administrative duties as department head
Head, Archives &Special Collections 5% 0% Administration
Director 5% 2% Reference, digital work, exhibitions, administrative
work, grant applications, meeting donors and
booksellers, professional organizations
Head of Special Collections 5% 5%
Department Chair 5% 5% Manage the department
Head, Special Collections and University
5% 7% 88%
Interim University Archivist 5% 0% Administrative
Associate Dean for Collections and
Services and Director
10% 0% Administrative collection development fund raising
Head and Congressional Papers
10% 5% Management, correspondence, meetings, planning, etc.
Manuscripts Librarian 10% 5% Acquisitions, donor relations, committees, exhibits,
organizing symposia/events, supervise staff
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