82 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Historic Pittsburgh Web site.”
“Northwest Digital Archives, a group of institutions offering access to archival and manuscript collections in
Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Washington.” (3 responses)
“OAI (contribution to OAIster).”
“Online Archive of California (OAC).” (6 responses)
“Our finding aid records are exposed for harvesting by OAIster.”
“Our finding aids are harvested (for preservation purposes) by the Digital Library of Georgia. We also preserve our
findings with the MetaArchive project.”
“Our finding aids were harvested by RLG and now by OCLC. Cataloged records in Dublin Core are harvested by an
OAI harvester.”
“RLG Archives Grid. Also plan on hosting a subject-based consortium of our own design for the history of
“State consortium KYVL.”
“The Rocky Mountain Online Archives, hosted by University Libraries, University of New Mexico is a consortium of
archival institutions in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.”
“The Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) has begun a test program involving EAD.”
“TRLN (Triangle Research Libraries Network): NC State, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC Central.”
“Virginia Heritage, a consortium of 23 institutions in Virginia. http://ead.lib.virginia.edu/vivaead/.”
“We are part of the ‘Archives Canada’ (Archival Information Network) group sponsored by the CCA (Council
of Canadian Archives), as a member of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba Archival Information Network )also called
“We are part of the Utah Manuscripts Association consortium that is currently in the midst of a project to develop
a statewide repository of finding aids.”
If no, does the library plan to do so in the future? N=22
Yes 11 50%
No 11 50%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“It is possible that we will do this, but there is no guarantee.”
“I’ve answered yes, but we have not begun investigating anything specific.”
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