SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 85
“Yes, we have a searching mechanism on the Archives’ home page. I believe we used Ruby on Rails to design this
“Yes, we use a site-specific Google product as well as a home-grown search utility that we use to search the Web
site by the ‘call number’ designation, GREP.”
Training for Online Manuscript Activities
25. What types of training and professional development opportunities have the staff who add
manuscript collections to the Web used to gain their expertise? Check all that apply. N=64
On-the-job training 63 98%
Peers 51 80%
Professional association-sponsored workshops 50 78%
Library school 50 78%
Electronic discussion lists 47 73%
Conferences 47 73%
Professional journals and readings 46 72%
Workshops in house 37 58%
Blogs and online readings 34 53%
Other opportunity 7 11%
Please specify other opportunity.
“Archival training program at Western Washington University.”
“Our archivists teach student archivist interns and in reviewing the literature for instruction and in discussing with
them what their faculty are telling them, the archivists gain from the experience.”
“Rare Book School (workshops not sponsored by a professional association or in-house).”
“Rare Book School course on EAD.”
“TARO training.”
“Two librarians took archives courses as part of their library degree program.”
“Visits to other institutions.”
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