108 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
access. These collections often require a fair amount of work to re-process to align with current practices and
demonstrated patterns of use. http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/units/music/special.html. Law has one librarian
who spends 25% of her time arranging and describing manuscript collections, 25% on adding ms collection
information to the Web, and 50% on reference and library instruction. Law has 114 linear feet of processed
collections. 7 collections are processed at the folder-level; 7 are represented on the Web site; 9 finding aids (all
marked up in EAD) are on the Web site (7 for mss collections, 2 for records collections). Law does not create
MARC records for mss collections. Music has one librarian who spends 40% of his time arranging and describing
collections, 20% on adding information to the Web, and 40% on reference and cataloging. Music has 429 linear
feet of processed collections and 109 feet of unprocessed collections. 49 collections have been processed at the
folder level; 5 collections have been provided with item-level description to provide access to musical works; 41
collections are represented on the Web; 33 finding aids are on the Web; 13 are marked up in EAD. Music creates
MARC records for mss collections; 34 collections have MARC records.”
“We use templates for EAD encoding, which allows students to help.”
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