80 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
20. In what format are the online finding aids? Check all that apply. N=60
Delivered in HTML with EAD encoding 35 58%
HTML from a word-processor document 27 45%
PDF 19 32%
Other 12 20%
Please specify other format.
Finding aid is created directly in EAD and posted.
HTML from Dreamweaver
HTML with EAD and XML
Online database/index
Some are searchable databases.
Through the RLG interface
UCLA Digital Library collections delivered as digital surrogates with collection- and item-level metadata (not
traditional finding aids).
We have not yet rendered all finding aids in PDF, but plan to do so this spring.
XML also on Web
XML used for OAC
XML with EAD encoding delivered with XSLT
21. Does the library convert legacy finding aids to new styles for Web publication? N=62
Yes 48 77%
No 14 23%
22. Do all online finding aids reflect the same style? N=62
Yes 44 71%
No 18 29%
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