SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 89
called the department for Digital Access and Information Architecture (i.e., programmers).”
“Public Services Department, Lilly Library: encoding word documents into HTML for Web, Web presentation,
and managing the Lilly Library Web site. IU School of Library and Information Science graduate assistant: EAD
encoding of word documents. IU Digital Library Program: technical expertise in programming, usability and
interface issues for implementing the finding aids Web site, advice on application of the EAD tag library, set
specifications for the display of online finding aids, manage the creation of tools to assist with the EAD encoding
process, and ensure EAD finding aids are shared with appropriate aggregations.”
“Special Collections staff physically process all manuscripts collections. For online display of manuscript material,
they select the items and (if needed) create an EAD-encoded finding aid for the collection. Staff in the Digital
Library Center, along with Special Collections students and staff, scan and (if needed) create transcriptions (TEI)
for the materials. Finding aids are edited to reflect presence of a digital surrogate. The Digital Library Center
staff process the files, make them available by posting to the Web, and take responsibility for long-term digital
“Staff who code other material for the Web do the coding of finding aids.”
“Technical Services Department catalogs the finding aids Computing Operations &Research Services assists with
Tamino for ingesting and searching.”
“The Library Systems department provides technical support, particularly for collections with ContentDM files.”
“The Manuscripts Cataloging Librarian advises processing staff and oversees the cataloging of manuscripts by
Special Collections Team members in Technical Services.”
“The Systems Department provides assistance. Systems helps us if we have questions about uploading our finding
aids to the Web or about cataloging issues.”
“The Systems Department within the library assists us with Web site design, database creation, and troubleshoots
any other problems that we encounter with the creation and maintenance of our manuscript collection Web
pages. They have also developed an XSLT style sheet that will allow us to display EAD finding aids locally on our
Web site after the re-design of our manuscript collection Web pages are complete.”
“To create the online display, we cooperate with cataloging and technical departments.”
“University Archives, Law Library and Music Library collaborate on planning for consistent standards, software,
searching platforms, and visual identity.”
“We are assisted by LETS (Library Electronic Technologies Services, the library electronic support unit.”
“We receive assistance from the Library’s IT department when displaying finding aids and digital collections of the
Web. These departments are Systems and Digital Library Development.”
“We receive assistance from the Web Services Department that supports all of the libraries in the system.”
“Web support, metadata conversion support, branding support, server and disc space support from Library Web
Services, Library Technology Office, campus Information Technology Services.”
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