24 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Other staff category, individuals 17 1 5 1.82 1 1.33
Other staff category, FTE 15 0.50 2 1.17 1 0.52
N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Total number of individuals 67 4 95 19.36 15 14.72
Total FTE 66 1.25 50 12.19 9.5 8.45
Please describe the other category of staff. N=20
“Digital Projects Manager.”
“Exhibit coordinator.”
“Exhibitions Coordinator Conservation Assistant.”
“Five staff from the Library Technical Services unit spend a portion of their work week arranging and describing
manuscript collections.”
“Graduate Assistants.”
“Graduate Assistants Non Teaching.”
“Graduate half-time students working on one project other students work 10 or less hours a week.”
“Grant-funded processing archivist who is working on the archives of the Space Telescope Science Institute.”
“Head Librarian.”
“Judaica Curator, Exhibit Developer.”
“Manuscripts Curator.”
“Occasional student archivist interns or temporary grant positions (not on the permanent staff).”
“Oral historian project staff.”
“‘Other Professionals’ refers to the half-time Head of Special Collections (administrative position).”
“Staff responsible for EAD encoding, editing, uploading &maintenance of online finding aids only (not archival
“Temporary hourly project staff person.”
“University co-op student placement for 4-month term, January–April 2008.”
“Volunteers, many of whom are retired faculty.”
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